Romans & Christians

by | All Youth, Outdoor Youth Group Games

This is a game loved by all who have ever attended Craig Springs. First you explain to everyone that there are four Roman guards (you ask for volunteers to be them) of these guards one of them is secretly a Christian (you tell this person in private so that no one knows). Everyone else in the group is a Christian, running from the persecution of the Romans. The Roman guard is supposed to designate a “church” where you must get over half of the Christians to meet at to win. The guards can capture Christians and take them to their jail (max 3 at a time), where it is suggested a guard stands watch (this could be the Christian guard). And Christians can escape from the jail. All of this must go on in secret.
If one of the Roman guards finds out where the church is, then the game is over. And if over half of the Christians congregate then they win. But if over half of the Christians are in jail, then the Romans win. You give the Christians 5 min. to hide and the game begins. When it is over the winning team usually rings the bell and all players return.

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