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1800+ Youth Group Games, Ice Breakers, and Team Building Games

We have tons of youth group games, fundraisers, Bible study lessons, Sunday School illustrations, activities, resources, team games, and ideas for those who work with youth. Each one has been tried and tested by those currently working in student ministry so you can be assured that you will only find quality, timeless, free ideas that you and your students will enjoy.

Here are a few categories to get you started. The top navigation will lead you to the other 1800+ youth group games and student activities we’re sharing.

About The Collection:

The name “EGAD!” represents that sinking feeling every youth worker gets when we realize that youth night is coming quickly and we have nothing prepared. EGAD! is here to provide resources in preparation for youth events and as a quick reference for those in need of ideas fast!

EGAD! Ideas has been providing free youth group games and activities since 1994 beginning as a project for Bible college. Back then it started with a modest collection of 100 ideas, but then we started accepting submissions from youth workers and pastors around the world! While some duplicates and errors may slip through the cracks each game, fundraiser, activity, and ice breaker has been individually read and reviewed before being submitted to the site. The result is the internet’s largest collection of youth group games and ideas which have been tried and tested by hundreds of men and women working in student ministry.