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We have tons of youth group games, fundraisers, Bible study lessons, Sunday School illustrations, activities, resources, team games, and ideas for those who work with youth. Each one has been tried and tested by those currently working in youth ministry so you can be assured that you will only find quality, timeless, free ideas that you and your students will enjoy.

Random Indoor Youth Group Games

Bible Musical Chairs

Play the game like you normaly would, except when the music stops, the person without the chair has to answer correctly a Bible question. If he or she answers correctly then he or she gets to stay in the game. Keep on going untill there's only one person left. [Ed. Note: You should be sensitive to unchurched kids in your group to ensure they don't feel left out if they don't know their Bible.]


This game is very simple but challenging. You will need two identical sets of wooded blocks. (colorless work best) Seperate youth into teams of two. One team sits down at a table and builds a structure, design, etc; while one member of another team watches them build. The team that is watching has one person with their own set of blocks AT A SEPERATE TABLE with their backs to everything. Once...

Shuffle Your Buns

This is a circle game that requires just enough seats for everybody. "It" stands in the centre while the circle is occupied completely save for one empty seat. When the game starts, "It" must try to sit in the empty seat. Other plays scoot around to prevent this. Another leader may yell "switch" to change direction of shuffling. If "It" manages to sit, the person who should have prevented...

Wiggletastic Wiggle Race

This is a game I made up - not only is it fun for kids to play, it is fun to watch as well! Kids start on one end with arms by sides lying on their stomachs (ideally on a large, carpeted hall), the idea being to reach the other end ONLY by wiggling. Some kids don't even make it to the other end because they are laughing so hard!!!

Newspaper Costume Contest

Divide the group into several teams. Place stacks (one per team) of old newspaper, with one or two rolls of masking tape per stack, and a sealed envelope containing the costume theme in the center of the room. At the word "GO", each team sends one kid to the center of the room to select a stack and take it back to his team. Each team then opens the envelope and constructs and wears costumes...

Human Foosball Variation

I like the idea of the Human Foosball with a soccer ball or a nerf ball. We made lines with tape and required for players only to move from side to side. Here is the kicker. We used three 20" beach balls at the same time. The neat thing is that you can nail someone hard with one of the balls and it is extremly loud but just doesn't hurt. My advice is to go ahead and order some extra beach...

Random Outdoor Youth Group Games

Survivor Island

We got this off the net but changed it somewhat. We wanted an event to build teamwork in our youth group at the the beginning of the year. Originally we had planned on going to an actual island but that didn't work out. We found a large group of campsites and roped it off with yellow tape as the "island." The youth were not permitted off the island for any reason. We did a series of team...

Red Rover!

I used to play this is primary school. I think this is an oldie! Two large even teams separate and stand in a line and link arms. the two teams stand at opposite ends of the 'field' facing each other. One team starts and shouts 'red rover, red rover, we call 'Helen' over'. Helen the has to run over to the other team and has one try to break one of the linked arms! If she is unsuccessful then...

Sock Wars

Make 2 teams, have everyone bring a old sock, and have everyone wear old clothes. Fill the socks with flour. The object is to hit people with them and they get covered in flour. You can also have them get a flag as an objective or something to make it more fun.

Capture the Flag w/ Eggs

You divide into 2 teams. Each team gets a bucket of eggs. (1-2 eggs per person). You play somewhat like normal Capture the Flag but you try to see how many of your team's eggs can make their way to the other people's side. (Every side should have an empty bucket for the other team's eggs.) Throwing eggs is not suggested but if an egg is thrown the person that threw it is out.


The Blob begins innocently enough as a mere individual playing a game of tag. As soon as she catches someone, she joins hands with him. Now he's part of the Blob, too, and they both set out hand-in-hand in search of victims. Everyone the Blob catches (only the outside hand on either end of the Blob can snatch at players) joins hands with it and becomes part of the lengthening protoplasmic...

Blindfold Hike

This is a great game that I learnt while I was a scout and is best to do at night. The leaders blindfold everyone and you all pile into the back of a van (a bus works too if your kids don't cheat by looking out the windows). Then you drive the kids around your town making sure that they will get very disorientated. Driving around a field or a vacant block of land for a while is good to do...