10% of A Week of Sales

Steger Sebastian has a community program where it donates 10% of a week of sales to an organizations. Maybe you can talk to a local company/business to have a special day where a percentage of sales or sales on specific items goes to your group. Maybe have donation buckets at their cash registers.

30 Hour Famine

The 30 Hour Famine is a fundraising program provided through World Vision. You sign up at and they give you pamphlets to help raise money, but there is a catch you have to spend the night at church and not eat for 30 hours (they have national dates for everyone to do it at the same time if you want) during that time you worship to God, play games,devotions,watch movies, and do community service for your city. If you earn a certain amount of money you can recieve prizes if you choose.

40’s/ 50’s Night

Schedule a friday night to have a fundraiser themed towards the senior citizens in the church. Set it up in the fellowship hall or some other open area.

If there is a DJ or music-savvy person in the church, see if they wouldn’t mind DJing for you. You can burn a cd or two with several songs and maybe even set up a litle dance area if the space is there. Also serve food that is somewhat associated with the time period like baked chicken, cornbread, greenbeans, and mashed potatoes.

Keep the music playing constantly with the DJ offering trivia as to who sings the song coming up. Another good idea that we did is have a 8 person checker tournament with the winner getting a prize (we gave em a brand new checkerboard). Another thing we did was give a prize to the most energetic person in attendance (a little girl won and we gave her a “Lassie” DVD).

One more thing that should be a big part of your “40’s/ 50’s Night” is the exhibit area. Use another open area (we used our biggest classroom) and set up a walkthrough showing some of the wars, pop culture, artifacts, and photos from that time-period. Have something big at the end of the exhibit such as a “Wall Of Honor” that honors all of the veterans in the church.

Hope this helps. We used it to raise funds for a mission retreat we’re planning. We sold about 80 tickets for 6 bux each and made a net profit around $400. God Bless. -peejay

50’s & 60’s Bash

Decorate meeting hall to look like “Arnold’s” from “Happy Days”. Have you youth group dress up like car hops to serve. Make a short menu. Most items can be donated by teens or by local businesses. Play 50’s and 60’s music (check the words before you play them). Have contests like bubble blowing, hoola hoop, limbo, or what ever you can think of. Costume contests work well also. If you have access to a vintage car and a camera you can make a few $$ by selling pictures also. We charge a $0.50 door charge also and award prizes for all the games that we do.
The more you promote it the better $$$ you can make. I’ve done this in very small churches and made a few hundred $$$. Making malts and floats in the malt shoppe is the best part. The older folks like to remember when and the younger ones like to try to immitate the age. It’s alot of fun and a good way to raise $$$. (Another cool thing to do is to have a live band or a juke box!)

50’s Day

We, like some of the others, sponsor a 50’s day at our church. We sell “A Burger, F/F and Milkshake” for $5.00. We have drinks for those who can’t have the Milkshake. We get some of the food donated so we can make a good profit.
We dress up in our 50’s day outfits and play 50’s and 60’s music. I have taken old photo’s from the 50’s and 60’s of people in our church and dsiplayed them for younger ones to guess who they are.
We also invite old cars to come out to enter a carshow, free of charge to them. We give prizes away, letting everyone vote on paper for the car they like best.
The old cars bring out a lot of people who can’t turn down a homemade milkshake! It seems the community has come to enjoy and look forward to our 50’s day. It’s great community involvement and makes a good profit too.

A Free Car Wash that PAYS!

Put on a car wash, but get the kids to get people to sponsor them per car before hand. i.e. each kid gets 20 people to sponsor them 10 cents per car, the group washes 100 cars, each kid collects $200! Also, people getting their car washed often insist on leaving a donation so have a “Free Donation Box” set up somewhere. The kicker is to make sure your kids collect the $ right away or they quickly lose motivation to do so. There is potential to make big $$ for your group in this one!

A-Thon With A Difference

Youth acquire sponsors for the hours they spend with randomly drawn “challenges.” The challenges consist of wheel-chairs, blindfolds, binding arms or fingers, earplugs. Anything that could represent those who live with these types of challenges. We spent the night at the church and scheduled events every hour like making sandwiches to eat, watching movies, playing games. Each event presented a different problem for each youth with their various challenges. We rotated challenges after a few hours, the idea was to make them aware of the needs of others as well as raise funds.

All Around the World Dinner

The All Around the World Dinner is a great fundraiser that includes meals from all around the world. Everyone in the youth group (works well in pairs) picks a country e.g. China. They then decorate a room to represent that country and make foods honouring it (stir fry, wonton soup, etc.). It is a lot of fun at tickets sell really well! Some locations we did were: Hawaii, Italy, China, Thailand, Holland and Mexico.

Apple Picking

This is a fun activity that also raises money for the youth group. We have a very small youth group, so I don’t know how well it would work for larger groups.

Three weeks before we go apple-picking, we pre-sell the 5-pound bags of the types of apples we know will be available. Then, on a Saturday, we drive to the You-Pick Farm and pick apples. We buy them in 20 pound bags and also get a 10% discount for being a youth group, and then go back to the church and repack and label everyone’s order in 5 pound bags. All the old ladies of the church love the oppurtunity to have fresh apples for pies!

Apple Pie Fundraiser

We recently had a giant fundraiser for our youth group called the Apple Pie Fundraiser. The fundraiser was to help send our teens to a youth conference. The results were amazing! We had the youth come in on a Saturday morning and make apple pies and apple crisps all morning, that alone was fun. We asked a local apple orchard if they would mind donating apples to a local church and they said yes. The grocery stores also gave us a discount on the other ingredients. Before we made the pies we advertised at church and told our relatives and friends about it. As a result of a few weeks of word to mouth advertising the youth group had already sold in total 1000 pies and crisps. We sold the pies and crisps for $5.00 each and delivered them two weeks later. The pies were uncooked so they could be frozen. In total we made $5000.00 in a day of pie making!


Six weeks before Christmas, we started taking orders for our bake sale. We made fudge, Christmas cookies, truffles, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate covered pretzels. We took orders for about three weeks from both our church and neighborhoods. We had a bake-in (a lock-in where we baked all night) the weekend before Christmas. The kids made everything (with a little help from some adults). We then delivered everything the next two days. The cookies and candy turned out great. We made $1500 and are a church of under 200. We set the prices to low. We only charged $2 for a dozen cookies. I would suggest raising the prices and cutting the choices some. It was a great idea that made us a ton of money towards our summer mission trip.

Banana Split Social

Schedule an evening for a Banana Split Social. Have each of the teens sign up to bring things. If everything isn’t signed out, pass sign up sheets around to the adults in the church. Everyone is usually willing to help out the teens. Set a price of “donation only” so nobody feels obligated to pay but maybe somebody else may pay more than you would have charged. Talk to a Dairy Queen or TCBY to donate banana split containers. Have a few kinds of ice cream (vanilla and chocolate). Include toppings like choc. syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream, chopped pineapple, strawberries, candied sprinkles, chopped nuts, etc. Have the teens serve the adults and have fun making banana splits. See who makes the most unusual ones!

Bank Building

As a great craft idea and a fun and interesting fundraiser, building a bank with your youth is an awesome idea!! You always see those coin banks in stores that go in an interesting track, or the gumball machines were the gumball goes down a spiral, so why not make one? Take paper towel and toilet paper tubes (empty, of course), and cut them up to make a track that coins of all sizes will fit down. Attach it to a jar of some sorts and put it somewhere that gets a lot of traffic. This activity is a great group project, a great time-consumer and a fun way for all ages to donate their spare change!

Basket Party

Each child is to prepare a basket with some sort of theme for example: Back to School Basket filled with school supplies, or a pampering basket for men, basket for pet lovers and items are put into a decorated basket. Each person attending the basket party must pay an amount at the door. They are given a bag full of numbers that are all the same. The baskets are auctioned off at a set price. If you like the basket you pay the price to have your number put in a bag to be drawn. Whatever number is drawn gets the basket.

Bible Read a Thon

Children ask adults to pledge money for each chapter of the Bible they read during the Bible Read-A-Thon. The amount can be as low as 1 penny to as high (or higher) as 1 dollar. Children who can not yet read are encouraged to have their parents or others read a chapter of the Bible to them. Parents will sign off on a special sheet to verify that reading is being done. Ribbons (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places) will be awarded for each child in each age group for the most chapters of the Bible read. Three Certificates will be awarded: One awarded for the child who reads the most chapters in the entire church, another awarded for the child who signs up the most sponsors, and another for who raised the most money. The fundraiser should last 8 weeks to encourage competition and the development of a good habit (reading the Bible). Our youth (a total of 20 children) raised a bit over $5000 and used it to send Russian children to camp.

Bigger or Better Fundraiser

I used an idea by Dustyn Caldwell called Bigger or Better. You can check out the details in the outdoor games section of this website. The idea is that teams are given a small item, we used paper clips, and are told to go from house to house swaping at each place for something bigger or better. We ended up with a two meter high potted plant, an old couch, two new watches…

Our problem was what to do with the items that we found. On Sunday we set them up on a table with an old ice-cream bucket infront of each item and a pile of paper and pens. We announced that we were going to hold a silent auction for the items after church. People placed their bids in the ice-cream containers and at the end of the given time the youth group worked out who had won the bidding. We raised over $100 from six paper clips.


Each youth gets pledges for how many minutes they will ride a bike. The pledges can come in 5, 10 or 15 minute intervals. On a group overnighter, arrange for at least two exercise bikes or regular bike with a bike stand (raises the back off the floor) to be at the overnighter. Each youth rides a bike and keeps track of their time with a stop watch. They record their time, and take turns riding a bike, taking breaks while others ride.
Great opportunity for group discussions they stay in one room and support each other. Also provides exercise and GETS THEM TIRED!!

Birthday Calendar

For several Sundays, have youth available the as congregation leaves. Youth write the members’ names or anniversary on the appropriate date on a calendar. Use the church directory so no one is left out. Then have youth help w/Print Shop or American Greetings Spiritual Greetings, etc., and make a 12 month calendar with all the names on the appropriate dates. Add personal testimonies, pictures of Sunday School classes, church info (service times, mission statement, how to be saved, so on) to each month. The more personal, the more they sell. We print them out and copy and assemble them with hole punch/string binding and a heavy bond front and back. Then sell the calendars for $10. Everybody will want one as a keepsake as well as a birthday reminder.

Birthday Luncheon

Luncheons following Sunday morning worship are huge at our church. We pick a Sunday in the Spring/Summer months and plan a huge birthday party. We decorate our fellowship hall to look like a 5 year olds birthday party with streamers, balloons, banners, party hats and lots of party favors. I even have one parent that makes balloon sculptures as table decorations.

Then I recruit 12 great bakers in our church to make a different cake, one for each month of the year. We have one huge dessert table with all 12 cakes on it and we also serve ice cream! We also serve summer type foods – bake chicken, salad, a veggie and some sort of bread.

We announce the event in our monthly newsletter and then the week prior I send out personal invitations to everyone at church. This is a great time to celebrate everyone’s birthday in one huge party and I even have the youth go around and put “happy birthday” stickers on everyone and thank them for supporting our youth mission trip. We don’t charge for this meal but accept donations, we very rarely charge for our events because we bring in hundreds more in donations. Our suggestion for donation is $1 for every year you are born (i.e. $25 if you are 25 years old) or on the day you were born (i.e. July 19 would be $19). People get creative and have a great time. We have a small church and usually have around 80-100 each year at this dinner but we’ve raised over $2,000!

Bottles and Cans

To help raise money for our annual dinner, we have a drive where church members and friends and family donate their empty cans and bottles. We then take them to the grocery store and cash them in. You will be suprised on how much money you can raise.