This can also be done indoors if big enough space. Get 3 chairs. Space them in a straight line, approx 20M from each other. Place 5 plastic cups on the middle chair (could also be tennis balls etc. there are 2 teams, each team has their people numbered. Each team sits near a chair of the line, at each end. (Ie. Team A sits next to the chair at this end of the line, and Team B sits next to the chair at the far end.) The aim of the game is that when the boss shouts 2 numbers, those people get up from each team, and sprint to their chair, and then set off to the middle chair. They are ONLY allowed to carry 1 cup at a time. they then carry it back to their chair at their teams end. The 1st team to get 3 cups on their chair is the winner, and as there are only 5 cups, there can only be 1 winner. What makes this interesting is that the person who is running collecting the cups from the middle and returning it to their teams chair, and running back again to the middle, can also collect cups from the other teams chair (also only 1 at a time). The winning team is the first to have 3 cups on their chair.

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