Capture The Flag – Tag Ball Variation

by | All Youth, Outdoor Youth Group Games

This game is like Capture the Flag but with “tag balls” (mini soccer or basketballs).
Split the students into two teams. Place the two flags on either side of a large area. Give each member a “tag ball”. If there are more players than balls then those free handed players can concentrate more on capturing the flag and bringing it back to their base. The players with the balls run around trying to tag their opponents by throwing the balls at them which freezes them and the player that is hit with a “tag ball” has to drop their ball if they were holding a ball. A droped ball can be picked up by anyone and used. A frozen player can be touched (by hand not by “tag ball) and freed to continue playing. No player can carry more than one “tag ball” at a time. Optional – only one player guarding their flag. Game is won by bringing your opponents flag back to your flag base.
This will hopefully be a big hit for your students.

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