This game requires either a guitarrist or worship team and a long list of praise songs that are usually sung in your youth group.

Divide your group into two teams. Both teams have a chair at the end of the room an equal distance from a microphone at the other end of the room. One person from each team must sit in the chair and wait for the music to start.

The worship team will begin to play one of the songs from the list without singing. Once one of the persons sitting on the chair recognizes the song, they are to run to the microphone and begin singing. They must be able to sing the words of the song! If they are able to sing the song, they will earn a point for their team. If not, the other person is given a chance to identify the song and earn the point.

Make sure that the team members don’t burst into song during this game! This game is wonderful for all ages!

[Ed. Note: Please be sensitive to the make up of your group as unchurched kids won’t know worship songs.]

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