Fact Finding Game – Icebreaker

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Small Group Icebreaker Game –
Everyone writes one fact about themselves that they think nobody will be able to guess. Fold the papers and drop them in a hat and redistribute them (nobody can have their own.)
The first person reads their paper aloud (you pick who that will be) and they try to guess who that person is…and warn people that handwriting is very telling! If they guess correctly they acquire that person as a slave. The slave hands the captor their paper and they try to capture the next person together. If you guess incorrectly, the person you guessed gets the next turn. If you capture a slave owner, you win the slaves as well.
ONE GLITCH: It is possible to capture someone looking for your name before the game is over. If that happens, anyone capturing their own “fact paper” is safe and hopes they end up with the largest group in the end. Pick someone to start the guessing again.

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