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You get a few people to leave the room (they won’t of ever heard of the game). You blindfold one person that has left the room. You have a volunteer sitting on a chair. Bring the blindfolded person into the room and introduce them to “Nelson” (the person sitting on a chair). You begin to tell them about Nelson, while slowly walking them towards him. You start by saying “this is Nelson. He was in the second World War. Here’s his hair (have them touch his hair), and here’s the stump of what used to be his leg (have them touch his knee). He also lost his arm in the war (have them touch his elbow). He also got into a sword fight and lost his eye, here’s his eye socket. (you then stick there hand into a black, black banana that is slit open on one side and mushed up – the slit makes it feel like an actual eye socket) Watch them scream!! Make sure you stick their hand in as you’re talking, because if they hear the story before before you do it they may resist you. This is great done with a few people because the people outside hear the other’s screaming and wonder what they’re doing to them.

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