Pull Apart

This game gets a bit rough, but it seems that the kids have a great time playing it. First divide the group into two “equal” teams, make sure both teams have about the same amount of “strength.” Or you can play boys vs. girls. Tell the one team to “gather”, by all holding on to each other’s legs, arms…so they make one tight bundle. Then on other side of the room have a line (just use masking tape)and line the other team behind the line. Now time how long it takes the one team to drag the other team across the line, they can do one student by one which is easiest, and make sure no one is cheating (e.g. kicking off the people dragging them). The point is to hold on to the team as much as possible. See which team does it faster. WATCH OUT for torn clothes and rug burns! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of fun!