In my seminary days I was given a frightening assignment. It was a scavenger hunt to take place downtown Toronto after 1:00 AM. Timidly my partner and I had to find such places and items as a Head Shop (sells drug paraphenalia and black t-shirts) as well as more subjective items such as “something that brings hope!” This assignment led to a debriefing time that week that has left its mark upon my soul.

I have used a much tamer version of this with groups of teens to help them see some of the needs of the inner city during a missions awareness weekend. I will give you the list but be sure to improve upon it for your city. After the list I will provide some discussion questions. Add to these as well to maximize the learning for your group. As you lead this activity have one adult leader for each 4 high school students. Use mixed groups and provide sheets with the items. Arrange a time and place to meet and debrief. End your debriefing session in a time of prayer.

The List:
location of 3 police cars
a dangerous place
a mission project
evidence of God’s grace
a church
a quiet place
a homeless person (describe – don’t bring him home)
a bag lady
something free
something costly
opposites that attract
a sign of hope
something that makes you sad
evidence of illegal activity
a need your church can meet
something evil
something sacred

Now the questions

1. Have each of the groups describe their items or go through each of the groups item by item (I prefer the second route)

2. Have students respond to the questions: a. “What did you see today that you have never seen before?”
b.”How did this make you feel?”
c.”What have you learned?”

3. Have 3-5 students pray out loud for the needs of the city.

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