Search for the Holy Grail

by | All Youth, Scavanger Hunts

My youth group plays this at every lock-in, and it brings a lot of people there – we call it Search for the Holy Grail, and it’s basically a glorified scavenger hunt. The youth leaders print out little strips of paper with clues on them and hide them in their respective places (one clue takes you to the next and so on until the last clue, which leads you to the Holy Grail, which can be anything – we use a coffee mug). We go indoors and outdoors, but it could be strictly one or the other, too. We set up a room and call it ‘jail’, and all of our youth leaders are the cops, and they run around with flashlights and catch people as they try to run around the church (all the lights are off) and find the clues. Similar to flashlight tag, if you get caught in the beam, you go back to jail. The leaders can only catch two at a time. Back in jail, one leader asks kids trivia questions which, if they are answered correctly, free them. Also team members (doesn’t matter how many teams you have) can come and rescue jailed kids. It’s a blast, we always play into the wee hours of the morning.

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