Scavenger Lunch

by | All Youth, Scavanger Hunts

Prior to our meeting I worked with a local pizzaria to donate uncooked pizza dough, already tossed to size and on heat proof trays. (I also purchased a few additional pizzas for later!) Once all the teens were gathered we divided them up in smaller groups assigning an adult to each as well as one of the pizza doughs. We also provided a list of various pizza toppings as well as assigned points to each topping. (i.e. Sauce 5pts, cheese 5 pts, anchoive 50pts) The groups then went around door to door in different neighborhoods seeking out the needed toppings. Afterward returning to the church to bake them up and add up their points. (We gave extra points to the groups that ate their own pizzas!) Everyone enjoyed a pizza party and the winners each recieved a small gift!

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