Polaroid Scavenger Hunt

by | All Youth, Scavanger Hunts

Divide kids into teams of 5 or 6. Each team gets a camera and 2 packs of film (can be costly so get a deal somewhere). Allow for a couple of hours of daylight for good photos. Each team has a list of what to look for (Cars may be needed – plan ahead). Points are awarded for difficulty, the team with the most points wins. Teams leave church/parking lot at the same time with camera, film an older member to take picture and supervise. At least 5 members of the team must be identifiable in the picture.
Examples of photos to be taken… a.) hanging by knees from a tree. b.) Inside a police car with a policeman. c.) In a bath tub. d.) collecting candy while “trick of treating” e.) 3 members of the team in a dryer at a laundromat.

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