Scavanger Hunts

God/Food Scavenger Hunt

My youth enjoy eating so we always have a supply of Little Debbie snacks so one night I got creative with them. I took all of our snacks and hid them in various rooms. I used the Sunday school room, kitchen, chapel, sanctuary, nursery and youth room. Attached to each snack box was a clue leading them to the next box. The clues were bible scriptures that contained the word for the next room. Example: “The peacemakers shall be called children of god” would be a clue leading them to the Peacemakers’ classroom. The last clue led them to the chapel where the last snacks could be found along with a Bible open to a verse saying that together if we search we shall find God.

Help Someone & Find the Romans Road

You have to make sure you have volunteers help with this. We played inside the church but if it were summer we could have used outside space also.

We broke the youth up into 6 teams and gave all a wall in the church to call their “base”. Each team then had to go to the 6-7 stations (I thought is was helpful to have at least one station per team). Then I explained to all the kids that the entire night was centered around helping. They then had to go to each “place” and help the person there. I had a baker in the kitchen that needed help making 6 dozen cookies, a farmer that needed more scarecrows and a homeless person that needed warm clothes for winter (we had them hidden throughout the church). We had the old lady that swallowed a spider there and she needed help choosing what kind of candy bars to eat (taste testing). We also had the “maintenance department” that needed help with a few things. The other station we had was that Pastor and he needed help finding some verses.

Then after the kids helped each person, the person they helped gave them a slip of paper which had part of a verse on it. Once they had help all six people they had to put the verse together. The first team done was the winner!

One side note: All the verses used in the activity were from the Romans Road, which gave Pastor a great opportunity to share the gospel at the end of the night. We even got to see SEVEN kids come to know Christ as their Savior.

House-To-House Hunt

This scavenger hunt is just something fun for a large group of people to do. You are only allowed to go to houses of people you know, but that are not relatives. You are given a list of things to do i.e. Find the oldest food in someone’s fridge, Sing “For she’s a jolly good fellow” to a mother of 2 children. Or even go to someone’s house take one sheet of toilet paper and flush it down the toilet. This is a great outreach to people who don’t get visitors, and the children get to learn more people skills at the same time, and maybe they just might experience their most embarrassing moment!

Human Scavenger Hunt

Divide into teams and have each team choose a leader. All team members must stay within a designated area. A judge stands in a position that is equidistant from all teams. The judge then calls a characteristic similar to the ones listed below and the leader of each team tries to locate someone on the team who fits that characteristic. As soon as someone is found, the leader grabs that person by the hand and they run to the judge. The first team leader (with team member in tow) to grab a flag from the hand of the judge wins points for the team. Sample characteristics: 1.) Has blue eyes and brown hair. 2.) Received all A’s on last report card 3.) Ate at McDonald’s today 4.) Jogs daily. 5.) Is going steady. 6.) Likes broccoli 7.) Memorized a Bible verse this week. 8.) Is wearing Nike sneakers 9.) Is chewing gum 10.) Came in a blue car. etc….etc…

In-Church Hunt

Break into groups of 4-8 youth. (This can be done with 1 group or 10 groups.) Each group has a youth leader parent that goes with them.

Begin by reviewing the contents of the Bible with the each youth looking at their Bibles’ contents. Old Testament / The first 5 books are the books of Moses, the next group tell the history of the Jewish people, songs, proverbs, and prophets. The New Testament starts with the Gospels, the Acts of the Disciples, followed by the letter of the apostles. Read through each of the books and note the difference between 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Colossians and 1st and 2nd Chronicles.

Then develop a scavenger hunt where the kids have to find the next clue by reading a Bible verse and going to a location suggested by the verse. EX. Clue #1 says to read Acts 14:12 (indicates the clue could be in the pulpit) Clue #2 is Nehemiah 5:17 (clue will be on a table table), Clue #3 Collossians 3:16 (clue on hymnal) etc.
Use 10-12 clues.
The final clue tells the youth they have to find the youth leader who was with them but has mysteriously disappeared.

When a group finds their youth leader / parent. They return to the center location.


1. Prepare the clues and place them around the church before the youth group meets.

2. Clearly identify the group and clue number of each clue. (EX: GROUP # 2 – CLUE #4)

3. Have plenty of Bibles with the same translation. The examples at the end work well with the New Revised Standard or Good News translations.

Read rules to the group.

1. Do not touch a clue unless it is for your group and has the number of your next clue.

2. Do not yell if they see a clue. It could be for a different group. You don’t want to alert them to its location.

3. After they find their each clue, the entire group needs to return to the common area (youth room) to give the previous clue to the person in charge and read the next clue(verse).

4. Tell the groups what areas of the church are “off limits.” (Church office etc.)

5. A youth leader/ parent will go with them to see that rules are followed.

Examples are shown below for the activity with three groups.

The first clue is given to each group.

Bible Verse Where Next Clue is Hidden

Ecclesiastes 11:3 Tree
Acts 14:12 Pulpit
Nehemiah 5:17 Table
Colossians 3:16b Hymnal
1 Chronicles 15:29 Window
Revelations 18:13 Spice
John 5:11 Mat
Exodus 8:3 Pans
Find the leader Hiding in the Church

Group #2
Lamentations 2:11 Nursery
Exodus 8:3 Oven
Genesis 8:9 Ark/Boat(Toy or model)
Ephesians 5:19 Hymnals
Exodus 15:29 Plates
Ezekiel 40:41 Tables
Luke 3:11 Coat-Rack
<atthew 5:40 Window Zephaniah 2:14 Knives Find the Leader Hiding in the Church Group #3 Ezekiel 40:36 Window Acts 16:25 Hymnal Judges 1:7 Table 1 Chronicles 28:17 Fork Philippians 2:8 Cross Matthew 5:23 Altar Exodus 8:3 Bowls Proverbs 11:22 Pigs (stuffed works) 1 Kings 7:6 Hallway Find the leader Hiding in church

Initial Scavenger Hunt

This is a different twist on the scavenger hunt theme. Make up a long sentence with a great variety of letters in it. Like — “The quick sly fox jumped over the lazy brown dog.” The object is to find an object with the initial letter of the object the same as one of the letters in the sentence. Explain how it is possible to be creative in naming the object. For example: A rock could be used for the letters “r” for rock, “s” for stone, “q” for quartz, “p” for pebble, etc. Make your own rules for how many times an object could be used for vaious letters. It was fun to see the creative juices at work. The game lasted about 30 minutes.

Living Bible Scavenger Hunt

This is not a new idea for EGAD! Ideas but all of the work is done for you. The youth must look up the verse in the Bible in order to fill in the blanks, they then have to find a letter that I placed near all the missing words. For example, Philippians 3:14 reads;
I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the ___________. The blank word is “prize” to which I then showed the group the chocolate bar they were playing for. Our Church has a tower but you might have to eliminate the verses that don’t apply to your location.

Matthew 2:13
After they were gone, an __________

James 2:3
and you make a lot of fuss over rich man and say give him the best ________

Job 31:32
Actually I have never turned away a stranger but have opened my ________

Genesis 8:20
Then Noah built an _________

Revelation 7:16
They will never be hungry again, nor ___________

Proverbs 20:24
Since the Lord is directing our __________

Ecclesiastes 3:2
A _______ to be born

Genesis 11:5
But God came down to see the city and the ___________

Psalm 69:30
Then I will praise God with my ___________

Exodus 25:23
Then make a ________ of

Psalms 71:22
I will praise you with __________

Genesis 1:14
Then God said, ”Let there be bright ___________”

Exodus 25:29
And make golden dishes,__________

Proverbs 22:9
Happy is the generous man, the one who ___________ _____ ___________

Matthew 3:11
With ______________ I ______________ those

Of course it never hurts to remind the kids that trying to win this scavenger hunt without checking the Bible is like trying to go through life without looking at God’s Word.

Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Divide the group into teams of 2 or 3 people each and give each group a combination of old magazines. Then give them a list of various items, photos, names, etc, that could be found in the magazines. As soon as a group finds one of these items, they cut it out and collect as many as they can in the time limit. The list can be long or short depending on this time. Some items will be found in several magazines and some will only be found in one.

Mall Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a list before hand of several items found in the mall. Make it a variety such as a 1 carat diamond ring and a Hershey’s chocolate bar. Have 10-15 different items. Break up into teams of 3-4 and give each team a copy of the list. They are then given 30 minutes to find all the items on the list for the cheapest price. Have them record the price and store for each item and meet back in the food court to compare notes. The team that spends the least for all items is the winner.


This was so much fun, and it’s a great way to witness, make new friends, and grow your youth group (and your church!)

You’ll need enough responsible adults with mid-to-decent sized vehicles. All vehicles will need to be able to hold the same amount of people at a time, or you could make a rule where you can only have so many in a car at a time.

Split the group up into equal teams, with one adult chaperone each. Give each team a list of possible descriptions of people (see list below). What they have to do in order to score points is actually get the person to come to youth group that night! Dispatch the teams out into the city or town, and have them bring the people they find back with them. They have maybe an hour or so to find as many of the people who fit the descriptions as possible – no speeding allowed! Here are some examples of descriptions:

1. A warm bodied member of Pickerington High School – 10 points
2. A guy with curlers in his hair – 20 points
3. Somebody in their bathrobe – 20 points
4. A member of the Pickerington marching band – 10 points
5. Captain of the cheerleading squad – 50 points
6. A high school quarterback – 50 points
7. A guy with long hair – 20 points
8. A girl in a facial mask – 20 points
9. Somebody who can whistle Dixie – 10 points
10. Someone from Kentucky – 10 points

You get the idea. Be creative and make up your own descriptions!

When time’s up, the winning team gets to play a messy game or something equally humiliating in front of their friends they brought! Then everyone has pizza and maybe a short Bible study and/or worship or whatever.

If they have fun, you’ll watch your youth group go KABOOM and grow like crazy!

Minding the Mall

This hunt is great for cold winter days when you can’t get out much. Split the kids up into any number of teams. Each team is given a list of “word plays” that indicate a store in the mall. (ie. 1/100 of a dollar. Answer: JC Pennys or A patriotic bird. Answer: American Eagle) You can make up your own “word plays” depending on the stores in the mall. Each team is given the same list of “word plays”, but in a different order so they can’t follow another team around the mall, the stores must be done in the order on the list. We had an adult leader go with each team to keep them honest. Once the team determines what they think the store is they have to go to the store and collect something from the store that has the store name on it. (ie. a bag, a business card, etc) The kids must ask one of the store clerks for the item and they must have the store cleck sign that item. There is nothing to be purchased, the item must be free of charge.
Team with the most correct answers (items) is the winner. In case of a tie the first team back is the winner. Once the hunt was completed we hit the mall ice cream shop for a cool treat.

Misc Scavenger Hunt Ideas

As soon as the Scavenge starts we have (“x amount of time” … I suggest approx. 2 hrs. ) to leave, do as much as possible and return to the starting point. For each minute a group is late, there is a four point deduction.

> All transactions and scavenging must be done a minimum of one mile outside the starting point. (Residents within this range are excluded from being used for valid points.)
> Driving must be done at a reasonable and safe speed!!!
> Driving will be done by one designated adult driver.

As best as possible. Points must be verifiable by video tape.

Every challenge or item can only be done once for points, unless other specified by the word “each” after the point designation: I.E.: Orange Marshmallows are “30 points each.”

If you are allowed to repeat an action, you may be limited to repeat the action a specified number of times: I.E. “limit 5 times.”
Please note that the ENTIRE team must complete several said actions. A team cannot split up for the challenges unless specified or it is otherwise clearly unreasonable for the entire team to participate.
Section 1 (a) — Retrieval
Rules: >You must have proper permission to take/buy said item.
>You or your team are responsible to return or take home the said item. It will not be left at the starting point.
>Colored items are to be mostly the specified color.
>Disputable concerns will be judged by the team judges/drivers.

A). 15 points: Bring back one raw green bean.
B). 20 points: Bring back one Braille menu (must have proper permission).
C). 20 points: For the smallest stuffed animal returned.
D). 20 points: Bring back a pig (no live ones please — use your imaginations).
E). 20 points: Bring back 10 green marbles (Must be dominantly green).
F). 70 Points: In a small, undamaged paper cup, bring back a cup full of couch fuzz, dust bunnies, naval lint, sock fuzz, pocket fuzz, etc from a house(s).
G). 5 points ea: Bring back some whole chunks of old chewing gum — must be crusty. Limit: 5 ea. (Color of green is worth 15 points — for up to 2 ea, then all others count 5pts.)
H). 10 Points: Bring back a Haloween Napkin.
I). 35 points: Bring back a Wheat penny.
J). 20 points: Bring back this spice in it’s properly labeled shaker: Coriander.
K). 25 points: Bring back a blue gumball from a gumball machine.
L). 10 points: For each watergun brought back. Water gun must be smaller than 1.5 feet in any measurement. (Such does not include glasses/cups/plastic bottles for water. The water gun must be a plastic manufacutred watergun specifically made by a company for that purpose.) NOTE: No water-guns inside anybody’s house. This is only for when we come back to the river area and only at the appropriate time. Unwise use will result in a loss of points to your team or temporary confiscation of your water weapon.
M). 35 points: Bring back some prepared green jello.
N). 40 points: Bring back a batman yo-yo
O). 20 points: Bring back a yellow submarine.

Section 1 (b) Person Retrieval:
Must have their permission. No images, photos or representations are allowed.
100 points ea: Bring back a person who was not at the starting point to begin with.
For every person added to your group, there is a 5 point addition per additional person/per challenge to every challenge in which they participate. NOTE: Bring someone who is in the age range of our group and/or won’t mind staying for the incredible worship time after we scavange. As long as they show up and stay for most of the worship time, your team will receive the full 100 pts. Otherwise, they will only be worth 25.

Section 2 — Challenges.
1) 15 points: Video a fork in a flowing creek. (difficult to video at night)

2) 40 points: 1: For the time you travel, keep your radio tuned to a Christian station, OR…
2: Keep the Christian music flowing through tapes or CD’s. Have the music at an audible level at minimum, — except when praying, etc.

3) 30 points: The whole group must try some type of food from/in a store or restaurant that no one from the entire group has ever tried. (deli may give samples.)

4) 60 points: Video a dog peeing on a tire.

5) 25 points: Video a group member petting a baby goat or lamb.

6) 25 points ea: Create a card for someone (either by your personal design or on a create-a-card machine. (ie: Your pastor, someone’s grandma, youth leaders, ministers, shut-ins, etc.
7) 10 Have someone give you a guided tour of their back yard.

8) 70 points: Go to a fast food restaurant, and with at least 1 employee from the establishment, the entire team must do the Macarena or a Broadway high-kick for at least 15 seconds. (Serving suggestion: Do the High-kick to something like “Hello my baby, hello my darlin’ hello my ragtime gal…”)

9) 15 points: Feed some fish inside a aquarium.

10) 35 points each: Sing to and/or pray with an elderly shut-in, church leader or pastor or to those at a retirement home or nursing facility. Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate them. Stay for at least 5 minutes per visit. NOTE: I suggest you visit fairly early in the scavenge time. It’s also good to call first. (P.S. If you meet another group in a home, then visit together!) Limit 4.

11) 25 points: Have someone give you a guided tour of their freezer.

12) 15 points: Cameraman: video another video camera taping you for at least 5 seconds. (Security cameras okay).

13) 25 points: For at least 15 seconds, the whole group must dry their left socks in a laundry-mat dryer.

14) 10 points each: Tastefully invite someone outside any scavenge team to church with you. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit here! Limit 5.

15) 35 Points: With proper permission from parent/guardian: Interview a person 2-6 years of age on some current global news event: Interview must last at least 20 seconds.

16) 35 Points: Within a business establishment, under the obvious influence of helium, at least one member of your group must interview someone who will not be returning to the Starting point. (Serving Suggestion: discuss a strange topic: ie: rising costs of catfood) Interview must be at least 20 seconds long.
17) 35 Points each: Have a prayer time while traveling or anytime during the scavenge time. Suggestions: Pray for people in the area, sick, the unsaved people around, public officials, your unsaved friends, your church(s), etc. Pray for upcoming ministry events. Also, pray specifically for the safety of all the scavenger groups as they travel and scavenge. Also, pray for God’s heart for upcoming worship time. (You may leave the camera on or off, whichever you wish). Pray at least 30 seconds. Limit 4 (for points).

18) 15 Points: A team member must play Patty-Cake with an animal (live, non-human) for at least 15 seconds (Don’t try this with any strange, large, teethed animals or any who happen to be foaming at the mouth. The animal may have the assistance of another human in playing Patty-Cake.)

19) 70 Points: Along with at least one other person who will not be returning with you to the starting point, have the whole group blow bubbles. Each person in the group must have a bubble in the air (one blown by that individual) at the same time. Video the time from the first bubble is blown to the time that each person has their bubble in the air — each bubble counted must be in view of the camera.

20) 35 Points: The whole group must have a 15 second conversation with
A) a four-legged non-human animal physically more than 4 feet tall. This can be done from a distance of approx 50 feet or less. OR…
B) A large statue of some type (ie: Ronald McDonald Statue or Morris the Horse in Tryon)
(15 points extra for at least one person from your team proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ towards or near the animal or statue for at least 15 extra seconds.)

21) 35 Points: At someone’s house, team member(s) must ride in/on/upon some sort of wheeled toy [tri-cycle, bicycle, wagon, etc.] At least two laps must be made around the house. For more fun, switch out the members per lap… or have a race. Be careful!!! Please do not damage anyone’s toys or yourselves.

22) 15 Points each person (limit: up to 9 people): Slice a whole lemon into equal pieces. Each person participating must bite down into their slice and hold in the teeth for at least 3 seconds. Be sure to video! Limit one slice per person. Limit: one lemon.

23) 10 Points ea. can or food item (limit 15): Bring back some canned food items for the local food bank ministry. (okay to leave these at the starting point or church).

24) 25 Points: The whole group must feed some ducks for at least 20 seconds.

25) 10 Points: The whole group does a “nuggie” or backrub or backscratch circle for at least 15 seconds.

26) 15 Points: Go through a fast food drive-thru and order something really silly (ie: 2 packs of salt or one and a half napkins or duck sauce or a straw or fried snails, etc) Do this with your best impersonation of Forest Gump, Carl (Slingblade) or Nell (the movie “Nell”), Scooby, Shaggy, Darth Vader, etc. One or many group members can participate.

27) 15 Points: Jesus was amazed by something, what was it? (Hint : Matthew) ___________________.

28) 30 Points: Video acquiring a smiley faced balloon that was once a display model!!

29) 15 Points: Complete the verse: Create in me a clean heart, oh God,…(Hint: Psalms)________________


25) 25 points:
(I always leave blank spaces for the addition of any great ideas that the group might come up with at the orientation session)

26) 15 points: Entire team plays hackey-sack with a real hackey-sack for at least 20 seconds.

27) 35 points: Video the whole team singing and doing the Hokie Pokie in a grocery store. (Participate for at least 15 seconds.)

28) 50 points: In a public establishment, with proper permission from the manager, over the intercom: the entire group sings a song with great joy. I.e.: We wish you a merry Christmas, Pharaoh-Pharaoh or a birthday tune, a few lines of some old TV show: Gilligan’s Isle, The Bradey Bunch, The Flintstones, etc. Must use entire group, must last 10 seconds or more.

29) 30 Points: Video your whole team standing in a tent.

30) 50 points: As you scavenge, each team member wears any (at least one – in any order, of any type) of the following apparel items: (use discretion when wearing in a home): Each member of the entire team wears: sunglasses or hat (remove for prayer time, and any other appropriate time) or neckties (the real thing). The more unique the better. This will be verified by video!

31) 45 Points: Have the whole group involved in a video commercial clip where the intent of the commercial is to sell a product that is really stupid, such as: air, water, dirt, money, etc). Each team member must participate in the clip in some way (interviewer, interviewee, sound/lighting effect, testimony, etc.) The clip must be at least 20 seconds long.

32) 35 Points: Video your whole group in a VW beetle. Must have owner’s permission.

33) 15 Points: Test someone’s smoke detector.

34) 10 Points ea: Go to a house, the whole team will “Trick or Treat!” Limit 3. (5 extra points ea. for each time the whole team gets candy.)

35) 20 points ea: (limit 4ea for points) Representative(s) from your group tell(s) someone outside the scavange groups about what God is doing in your life. (Must last at least 20 seconds)

36) 30 points: Video a team member picking up litter clearly in front of an “Adopt-a-Highway sign.” THIS LITTER MUST NOT BE PLANTED! Be sure to add your comment to the video.

37) 50 points: Video a team member sitting on a Santa’s lap (Santa may not be played by a scavenge team member), telling Santa what they want for Christmas. NOTE: Santa must be bearded with a white beard (for a beard… paper, shaving cream, cool whip, etc: all okay), wearing a red coat, apparently fat (pillow okay) and wearing a red Christmas hat.

38) 35 points: Inside a store, the whole group does 2 rounds of Duck-Duck-Goose. (Must last at least 15 seconds.)

39) 30 points: Video the whole team building a people pyramid and doing a cheer for their team.

Be careful and safe while you have fun!!

Misc Scavenger Hunt Ideas 2

Here’s some more scavenge ideas…

16) 40 points: Interview a shopper inside food store who is not a part
of any of the other teams and who was not at starting point when we
started. Ask them to name every type of pet they have ever had and what their names were, what toothpaste they use and why, and what has brought them out to the store. Be polite!

19) 20 Points: Have your whole team fit into one closet in someone’s
house for 30 seconds. If the closet has a door, you must close it. If it doesn’t, just remain confined to the closet space.

20) 35 Points: The whole team must carry on a 2 minute conversation with the (town monument). For an extra 25 points, proclaim the gospel
of Jesus Christ to it for 20 seconds. DO NOT TOUCH, MOVE, DEFACE, DEBODY, OR DE-ANYTHING
to it!!

21) 15 Points: Jesus was amazed by something, what was it? (Lint : M)

22) 30 Points: Go to a Sheriff or Police station, finding at least one
uniformed officer, tell the officer(s) that their service and sacrifice are appreciated. A gift or card of some TASTEFUL kind would be a nice touch and worth an extra 10 points. You also get 30 extra points if you have prayer with an officer(s) or inside the establishment, praying for such things as: the county, city, state, officers, their families and people in need. Prayer time must be at least 30 seconds in length. You may have the camera either on or off during prayer time. *Note: Please be serious when you do this. Please.*

23) 15 Points: Complete: Trust in the Lord, and he shall….. (Lint:

24) 15 points: Every member of the group must come up with code names
for one another. List them below.


25) 25 points: Order one medium combination drink (a little of all the
drinks they have on fountain put into that one cup) from a restaurant
drive thru with your best Darth Vader impersonation. Also order as many straws as there are people in your team. Then park the car in one of the parking spaces at the restaurant, set the drink somewhere safe, get out of the car and run around it (all of you in the same direction) while each of you rub your heads and do your best Curly “Woo! Woo!Woo!” impersonation. Then you all must each drink the drink at the same time with the straws.

26) 15 points: Make up a 20 second dance called “The Funky Chicken”, and then do it in front of a security camera somewhere.

27) 20 points: The entire team must stand in a circle without shoes.
Each person must vacuum the feet of the person to their left.

28) 2 points each: Tell a stranger or friend “Merry Christmas”. Limit 10.

29) 50 points : You must video a fashion show in someone’s home that is at least 60 seconds in length. Each team member must wear an article of clothing that is opposite their gender (Guys wear something feminine, girls wear something masculine). You must have a runway area to stroll through in front of a judge/ commentator who will make on camera comments just as in a real fashion show. You get an extra 15 points if the judges are 3 people not on list, and you get an extra 10 points if you have appropriate background music.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

We took the youth group to a state park for a nature scavenger hunt this fall. We had made a list of about 50 different things that might be found along the nature trails, such as red leaf, bird’s nest, wildflowers, fossils, etc. We listed everything from flowers to caterpillars and fish. Be creative. We put them into teams and sent them out – the leaders made one team. At the designated time, we met back to tally points. You can either do one point for each item or make the harder items be worth more points. We had Christian T-shirts for each winning team member and pens for the second place team. The kids had a blast!

Non-Material Scavenger Hunt

This is great for camp-outs especially. We have done this when camping in State or National parks, where you’re not allowed to pick up and keep so much as a leaf or a rock. Give kids an introduction to use, telling people what church they’re from and what activity they’re on (confirmation trip, retreat, etc.) and have kids politely ask for a few minutes of their fellow camper’s time. Our list of stuff included the following: Find a camper who will sing one verse of their favorite hymn. Find a camper who brought a pet other than a dog. Find a camper who will teach one of your group members how to waltz. Find a camper who can recite John 3:16 from memory. Find a camper who has camped in at least 10 different states. Find a camper who has camped in another country. Find a camper who has never used a pit toilet (outhouse). Find a camper who has fallen in to a pit toilet (!) Find a camper who lives more than 500 miles away. Find a camper for whom this is their first ever camping trip. Find a camper who will eat two soda crackers and then whistle “Yankee Doodle Dandy”.
These are just a few ideas. Divide your kids into groups of 5 or 6 (if a large group) or they can go as individuals or in pairs (small group). Each group gets an identical list and a time limit (we’ve found 45 minutes to one hour is great). Be creative! Make up your own stuff! And yes, we did once find a camper who, while using a portapotty located on the back of a flatbed truck, have the whole thing tip over while he was in it, disgorging its contents all over him. While that wasn’t technically falling in, the effect was the same, and we ruled that it counted. Yuck! Happy Camping, and God’s blessings!

Pizza Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun way to spend a night. The kids split into groups, and each group gets a pizza crust with pizza sauce. The groups split up and go door to door asking for toppings, and at the last house you need to get your pizza cooked. Once your pizza is done, you meet back at the church and everyone must eat at least one piece of their own pizza. The best pizzas have at least 5 toppings and no more than 8. This is a great way to get your youth group known in the neighbourhood and the kids love it!

Pizza Scavenger Hunt – Add-On

We used the idea from this site for a pizza scavenger hunt. It was awesome! We handed out thank you cards from the youth group at the homes of folks who gave the kids pizza toppings. We then used Matthew 7:7-12 for our lesson. Since the kids saw the generosity of complete strangers on the scavenger hunt, it was easy to talk about how God’s love is even MORE abundant and generous!

Polaroid Scavenger Hunt

Divide kids into teams of 5 or 6. Each team gets a camera and 2 packs of film (can be costly so get a deal somewhere). Allow for a couple of hours of daylight for good photos. Each team has a list of what to look for (Cars may be needed – plan ahead). Points are awarded for difficulty, the team with the most points wins. Teams leave church/parking lot at the same time with camera, film an older member to take picture and supervise. At least 5 members of the team must be identifiable in the picture.
Examples of photos to be taken… a.) hanging by knees from a tree. b.) Inside a police car with a policeman. c.) In a bath tub. d.) collecting candy while “trick of treating” e.) 3 members of the team in a dryer at a laundromat.

Polaroid Scripture Scav Hunt

Form two teams (10-12 kids each) and give each team a polaroid camera and one package of film. Each team also gets 10 envelopes which contain a number (1-10) and a scripture reference (Jesus’ baptism, sermon on the mount, etc.). The groups must then open one envelope at a time, find the previously numbered location in the campground, look up the scripture, and try to recreate it and capture it on film. We also required that a different person take each picture and that everyone else must be in the shot. Because there are ten locations and only ten pictures, they must be careful not to waste film. We also did this as a competitive timed event. Pictures were judged on creativity, and effectiveness in portraying the event described in the Scripture.

Random Acts of Kindness

Make a list of things that can be done for others such as mowing lawn, rake leaves, washing dishes, sweeping front porch, take out trash, shovel snow, dust, or any basic household chore. Then set up teams (of at least 3 but no more than 6) and have them go to various houses and do things for them. It is a good idea to have an adult helping them since they may be shy. When we did it, we also took buggies into the grocery store and helped someone carry out their groceries. Some people were really surprised by this. We sent a camera along with each team so they had proof the stuff had been done. They also came back with stories of people that did not want them to do stuff and people that were over joyed by kids doing something for someone else. Afterwards they came back and the winning team got pizza.
This is an idea that I got from a youth group in Midland Texas. I have no clue where they got it but I really liked the idea and wanted to share it with you.