Count by Numbers

by | All Youth, Scavanger Hunts

This is an individual competition.
Provide each competitor with something to write on and with.
Have everyone count as high as they can using objects found within the playing area. The object is to get the longest continuous stream of numbers by the end of your time limit. I recommend that you set your limit no more than 30 mins to start.
Players may take numbers from anywhere but only one number from each location. For instance: the 1 from a clock is the only number that can be taken from THAT clock & a 17 on a UPC bar code is the only number that can be taken from that specific product. However, a participant might take numbers from several different soda cans.
See how creative the players can get. Page 74 from a book; 58 by combining buttons on a phone; 95 from the 1957 date on a gravestone.

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