City Wide Scavenger Hunt

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This is a great event to bring as many church’s youth groups in a town together as possible.

Basic rules:
1)Up to 4 kids on a team.
2)Jr. and Sr. high are separate
3)$10 dollar entrance fee per team ($5 to prize pot, $5 to cost)
4)All laws must be followed (no stealing, speeding, etc…)
5)Sr. high may use vehicles driven by a team member or parent only.
6)Jr. high may use non-motorized transportation only.
7)Team members must stay together at all times.
8)All items must be in and counted before the time limit is up!!(we have a 2hr limit)
9)If any of the rules are broken it will result in an immediate disqualification!!!

Make a list of around 150-200 items and give a points value to each item depending on its difficulty in finding. Examples: a blue crayon 3pts, a live horse 100 pts. Get a creative as you want. If you want to have a copy of the list I made up feel free to e-mail me at
It’s a good idea to have a rule of what ever they bring in must be immediately taken out. It is also a good idea to have as many volunteers helping as possible and advise the kids to check in throughout the time period.
I also went around to area businesses to get donations for door prizes. I was able to get movie tickets, mini golf passes, video rentals, a ton of free fast food and pizza coupons and much more.
We also contact the police to let them know what was happening so they wouldn’t worry when they saw teen’s running around with hoses and milking machines.

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