Bigger & Better – 30 Hour Famine Focus

by | All Youth, Scavanger Hunts

This scavenger hunt is a really good one to use during the 30-Hour Famine to teach a lesson to the group about how people in poorer countries sometimes have to trade or barter for things that they need even though they may have so little.

First you split the group into two teams, then you give each team one penny. The teams will each have a designated driver. The driver’s job is to take their group to random houses in you town or city. The teams job is to go to the resident of the house explain what they are doing (I.E. “We are doing a 30-hour famine, and to learn about how poorer nations needing to trade very little for what they need we are doing this”) and ask if, for the team’s penny, they would be willing to trade anything in there home that is bigger and better than the penny. We usually give the teams about 2 hours, you would be amazed at some of the strange things people will give you.

It’s a fun game, and helps the community to notice the youth, and, if you are doing the 30-Hour Famine, you will get a chance to explain what the 30-Hour Famine is.

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