Parents and teens play a game of dice to ask questions of each other in a fun environment. Make four large dice out of cardboard – the dice should be about 4 inches square on each face. Using post it notes, the parents will write questions they would like to ask their kids – such as “what did you think of your first date?” Have you ever been pressured to use drugs?; The kids likewise write out questions for their parents to answer “How did you know mom/dad was the “right” one?” “What was your most embarrassing moment in front of someone of the opposite sex?” etc. Two of the dice are covered with the postits written by the parents (one postit for each face); two of the dice are covered with the kids’ postits. The group sits in a circle and the dice are passed. Each person rolls two dice (the kids roll the dice with the parent’s questions, and the adults roll the dice with the kids questions). Two questions will come up – the roller picks one of the two questions and answers it. This game was surprisingly fun because both the questions and the answers were insightful.

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