Revolve NT Teen Bible

by | All Youth, Parent & Teen

Version: New Century Version
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

A Bible that looks like a magazine!

In focus groups, online polling, and one-on-one discussion, Transit has found that the number one reason teens don’t read the Bible is that it is “too big and freaky looking.” This fashion-magazine format for the New Testament is the perfect solution to that problem. Teen girls feel comfortable exploring the Scriptures and over 500 further-study notes because of the relevant format!

Product Features:
* Blabs (Q & A)
* 12 month-long calendars
* Love Notes from God
* Issue articles
* Basics of Christianity Articles
* Quizzes
* Beauty Secrets
* Guys Speak Out!
* Relationship articles
* Truth or Dares
* Devotional Reading Plans
* and more . . .

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