Promise Bible For Students

by | All Youth, Parent & Teen

Version: Contemporary English Version

This version has been described as “user-friendly” and a “mission-driven” translation that can be read aloud without stumbling, heard without misunderstanding, and listened to with enjoyment and appreciation, because the language is contemporary and the style is lucid and lyrical. The Promise Bible for Students will challenge you and encourage you; excite you and amaze you. It can start a revolution in your heart and ignite a passion for God like you’ve never known. It can inspire you to go out and change your world. This is a Bible you can understand-no big, old-fashioned words. When you read it, you’ll find that the Bible is as easy to understand as a magazine. In the Contemporary English Version, the Word of God really speaks your language. Ron Luce, President of Teen Mania Ministries is Consulting Editor for The Promise Bible.

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