Veteran’s Luncheon

by | All Youth, Outreach & Witnessing

Hold a luncheon to honor Veterans for their service to our country. Find out who in the church (or can be expanded to include your community) is a Veteran of the service. Several weeks before the event, send invitations inviting them and a guest to the luncheon. On the day of the luncheon, play military music or songs from the war era. For the menu, fix Hero sandwiches and have coleslaw or chips. Have the youth make the food and serve the food and drinks, and then clean up when done eating. Decorate the room you hold the luncheon in with patriotic decorations. Have people bring in pictures, old uniforms, etc. of their days in the service. Following the meal, have some of the youth perform a little program by singing a patriotic song, reciting a poem, etc. Have a time for the Veterans to tell a story of something they experienced while serving. Then close the luncheon by thanking our “heroes” for their service to our country and their part in helping make this nation free and great. This works well around Veteran’s Day. It is a great way to help bridge the gap between older adults and the youth. Keep in mind, that for many of the Veterans, this will be a very emotional time, but it will be something that they will always remember.

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