Senior Adult Dinner

by | All Youth, Outreach & Witnessing

Since Senior Adult day is during the month of May, our youth sponsored a Senior Adult Dinner for persons in the Senior Adult Sunday School class. We sent formal invitations which included a ticket for their meal. Youth volunteered to be welcomers, photographers, servers, cooks, clean-up, etc. The youth, with the help of volunteer Youth Workers, prepared the meal of turkey, dressing, vegetables, desserts, etc. Afterwards, door prizes were given (i.e. plants used for decoration). This service project for the senior adults made our youth realize the importance of serving others (respecting senior adults) as well as how important senior adults are to our church. In turn, the senior adults felt proud that the young people thought of them to have such a special dinner. To some of the senior adults, you would have thought they had gone to the prom!

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