On Trick-or-Treat night, I had my cousin Mark, who is a DJ, bring his equipment (sound and lights) and we had a rave at our house and played all Christian techno, dance and hip hop songs. We strung up Christmas lights in my carport and he put his strobe lights out on my porch. I took window markers and painted my car up and drove it around that entire week like that, with our website and all the information about the event on the windows! We contacted every church and Christian family we knew and asked for food and candy donations for the event. We passed out a TON of candy, tracts and flyers about our ministry. We also had worship dancers, human videos (skits) and singers from our group performing in our front yard. We had tons and tons of kids pass by and get candy, free pop and hot dogs. We invited all our teen and young adult friends over because nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. We danced, played hacky sack and goofed off in the carport and it really drew a crowd. Our neighborhood still remembers us as “those people who passed out free food and had a rave at their house”.

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