Womp ‘Em Kickball

by | All Youth, Outdoor Youth Group Games

Play just like you would ordinary kickball except for one exception. The defense has foam pool noodles. The kicker runs to first base without getting womped. Once they leave first base they can get womped. They are safe from womping on bases also. We also say that womping is only below the waist. The idea is to slow the runner down not destroy them. Make sure to play with the bases a pretty good distance apart so that womping is more effective.
The game is a lot of fun plus the defense really has to get coordinated. Who is going to womp and who is going to play defense? Also defensive players have to make a decision to I womp or drop my noodle and go after the ball. Take pictures. It’s hysterical to watch them run the bases trying to keep from getting a real wompin’.

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