Waterballoon Valleyball

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Your youth will love this game, ours did!

You need to get lots of water balloons, 2 buckets, or something to hold water balloons in, volleyball net, and at least 3 people on each team.
Volleyball rules are the same in this game, except you have to catch the water balloon rather than hit it. You may want to ask an elder volunteer to help keep the buckets full of water balloons. (You will go through a lot of them) As in volleyball, you start with a server. The server tosses the water balloon to the other side, trying to keep it in bounds. The team on the other side tries to catch the water balloon without it exploding on them or hitting the ground. This goes on until the water balloon pops or goes out of bounds. (Which is not very long) The team with the most points wins. You can also have a play-off if you have a big group. Just as volleyball, you have reach a certain score then the team that wins goes on to play another team until you have the champs. Lots of water fun in the sun. Make sure your girls don’t wear white shirts on this game day. It would be good to have a nice pizza party afterwards.

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