Materials needed: approx. 6 small round balloons filled with water and tied tightly.
Divide into teams. Line up one behind the other. First person takes water balloon and “holds” it between their chin and shoulder and turns around to face the person behind them. Using no hands, they “pass” the water balloon to their teammate… “passing” continues to the last person and back up to the starting person. When a balloon breaks (after the screaming and jumping around!) it is replaced and the two who were attempting to “pass” when it broke, must complete a successful pass and the game continues. A great variation with this one is to use long balloons filled with water and a little vegetable oil. Lightly grease the balloon and it is placed between the knees of the first person and then passed to the person behind them, no hands…only legs, hips and knees can be used. Caution, too much oil and they won’t be able to keep it between their knees…just a very light coating and it is slippery enough that they will tend to “grip” it harder with their knees.

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