This is a change of pace for 18 holes of miniature golf that can be played at any miniature golf course. You will need a few supplies that need to be brought to the course, they are as follows:
2 Dice.
2 Patio bricks.
4 Four foot lengths of 2″ PVC pipe.
4 Blind folds.

Now its time for some fun, Ready?
Each hole is a PAR 3 regardless and 6 strokes is the maximum allowed for each hole. Each stroke is played according to the hole instructions.

Hole 1: First chance at PERFECTION.
Play the hole normally.

Hole 2: Share a little Love.
Divide into 2 person teams, one member holds the club with their right hand while the other holds the same club with their left hand and swing the club together for each stroke. Divide the total individual team strokes by 2 and each team member gets that score.

Hole 3: Don’t play favorites.
Golf the hole with your unfavored hand (i.e. righty’s golf lefty and vice versa).

Face backward and putt the ball between your legs.

Hole 5: I can’t see, I can’t see!!
Pair up with a partner, one gets blindfolded and is the golfer. The other partner must direct the blind one through the hole.

Hole 6: Now I can’t see, I can’t see!!
Switch roles with your partner.

Hole 7: The Hustler hole.
Hold the club like a pool cue to putt.

Hole 8: Bend it like “Beckham”.
Kick the ball with your foot. DON’T USE THE CLUB!

Hole 9: The PBA hole.
Bowl the ball into the hole. DON’T USE THE CLUB!

Hole 10: Take it to the Bank.
Place the 2 patio bricks at different angles about a foot from the hole prior to play. The player must bank the ball off one of the bricks prior to going into the hole on the last stroke.

Hole 11: Stick that in your Pipe…
Place the ball into the PVC pipe, choose the release angle and let it roll. Before the next stroke place the end of the PVC pipe where the ball stops and repeat the process until the ball goes in. DON’T USE THE CLUB!

Hole 12: Take yourself for a Spin.
Hold the club vertically with it’s head touching the ground, touch your head to the opposite end and spin around 10 times and then putt. All following strokes only spin 5 times to avoid placing unintentional hazards on the course.

Hole 13: Who said 13 is unlucky?
Play the hole normally and then divide your hole 13 strokes by 2.

Hole 14: Skews me, did you pick up my ball?
Play your ball every other stroke. On the other strokes play another person’s ball. You can only play another color ball once.

Hole 15: Just your Luck!!
Play the hole normally. At the end of the hole, once everyone that your are playing the hole with has gone, have each person roll the dice. The number that is rolled is the Player’s number (for only this hole) that becomes your score. (i.e. if you roll a 2 you take Player 2’s score for the hole.

Hole 16: Put a spring in your step.
Bounce the ball into the hole. DON’T USE THE CLUB!

Hole 17: Close is good enough.
Each player gets 3 strokes to get closest to the hole WITHOUT going into the hole. If your ball goes into the hole by any means (i.e. gets bumped in) you get an automatic score of 6 for the hole. After first stroke farthest from the hole putts first. SCORING AS FOLLOWS, Closest gets a 1, next closest gets a 2 and so on.
“Too close to call” ties are decided by a one stroke “PUTT OFF”, closest to the hole wins.

Hole 18: Last chance at REDEMPTION
Play the hole normally.

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