We play this with our 5th and 6th graders and they LOVE it!!
This game was patterned after Ultimate Frisbee, only difference is we used a plastic flexible chicken we bought at a party store. Much more fun to fling a chicken than a frisbee! The game pictures are great! The chicken photographs well, “the camera loves him!”

Split the people into 2 teams. One team starts with the chicken. The team members scatter around in the boundaries. The person with the chicken throws it to someone on his team. If he catches it, he throws it someone else on his team, but when he receives it, he can only take as many as 2 steps. If someone drops it while they are trying to catch it, then the chicken goes to the other team. If it’s intercepted, it goes to the other team. Keep score and have fun. Feel free to modify this as your group decides.

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