The Spaghetti Marble Relay

by | All Youth, Outdoor Youth Group Games

This game came from the need for a gooey game that can be played for our wet and gooey summer nights.

Items needed:

Cooked Spaghetti at least three packs per team (doesn’t have to be fully cooked or cooled all the way)
Marbles thirty – thirty-five
and anything else you can think of to mix in examples we used : BBQ sauce, Chocolate sauce, diced tomatoes, eggs, whipped cream the more messy and gross the item the better

Mix it all in a big enough bowl to put a foot in it make sure the marbles are the first ingredient so their at the bottom

Team up your youth into two or more teams make them take their shoes off

The object of this game is the first member runs to the bowl sticks their foot into the mixture and pulls out a marble and puts it in an empty container to be counted and you can stop the game any time we stopped at first to 15.

The looks on the youth’s faces as their foot encountered the warm, gooey, gross mixture is priceless so make sure you have your camera ready. Do this outside in the grass or on a tarp cause it gets messy. Have fun!!!

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