This game is designed to help your students to work with each other. It is best for those groups with 25 or more youth in your group. What you do is have 5-10 youth get together to make a team. This team will then huddle around in a circle facing each other. They pick one person to stand in the middle of the huddle. This person is the “driver” and “gun” person. They will have several water balloons in a container that they will need to carry. (Have the other teams do the same thing…) Rope off a 50 by 50 foot area and have these teams throw the water balloons at each other without breaking the huddle. Only the “gun” person is allowed to throw the water balloons. These teams act as “tanks” and are allowed to move around but cannot break huddle. If they break up they are destroyed. If a water balloon hits one of the team members then they must sit out because they were destroyed. If the “driver” is hit by a water balloon then the whole tank is destroyed. Last remaining “tank” standing wins.

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