Tag Ball – Last Man Standing Variation

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This game is played with mini soccer or basketballs.
Give each player a “Tag Ball” and let them know that each player is on their own, no teams.
The players run around trying to “tag” each other out by hitting them with a “Tag Ball”. A thrown ball can be caught, like in “dodge ball” but does not eliminate the player who threw it, and used. A thrown ball can also be blocked with a ball in hand by the attacked player. Play this game until there is only one player left making that player the “Last Man Standing of Tag Ball”.
Watch out for ball hogging (players trying to carrier more than on ball at a time). Don’t allow this because it takes away from a player who has thrown his/her ball. “Tag Balls” that have been thrown and missed their targets should be fair game for a empty handed player to use.
You can also play this game as teams.
Make up rules as you see fit and have fun.

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