We got this off the net but changed it somewhat. We wanted an event to build teamwork in our youth group at the the beginning of the year. Originally we had planned on going to an actual island but that didn’t work out.

We found a large group of campsites and roped it off with yellow tape as the “island.” The youth were not permitted off the island for any reason. We did a series of team building exercises and then discussed the need for each other and God. Our dinner was Taco Salad–without utensils. The youth were only given one cup for the first night. We camped overnight and kept our discussion, activities, and worship service focussed on working together. Awards were given to those who contributed to the team effort.

We kept the hype up by not sharing what our plans were–the youth were not even told where we were going ahead of time. Our camping list was somewhat skimpy–by accident– but that helped the survivor theme. You could do a lot with this: everyone brings a single cup to eat and/or drink out of. Different people are assigned necessarry items and the group needs work together so everyone gets their needs met.

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