I learned about this from a youth pastor while we were in Israel. I tried it as soon as I got home and it was great! You divide the youth into two teams. Each team gets two rolls of Duct Tape. Designate two youth before hand to dress in “sloppy” clothes. Have the two youth stand on chairs with their backs to an outside wall. Each team must then “Duct Tape” each youth to the wall! They have to use both rolls of tape. When they have used up all the tape, the chairs are removed, and the one that stays stuck to the wall, wins! Be sure and have a camera on hand. Pick someone who talks a lot to be one of the ones taped to the wall, and I guarantee that the mouth will get taped first!! We followed this up with a devotional on Psalm 119:31 (I CLING to your decrees, O Lord, let me not be put to shame).

“I would add something to the outdoor game Sticky Situation. Put a big warning with this game. If a person is taped to a wall and the duct tape were to come loose, the person that is taped does not have control of their arms to brace a fall. I have heard of this happening and I also heard that a teacher was sued for an injured student. If you tape a person to a wall, I would recommend placing a mattress or some very good padding below the taped person.” – Wes Harpold

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