(Warning, this can be very, very messy!)

Ask all youth to bring along as many cans of Spaghetti as they possibly can. Advertise your night in schools, churches; wherever you can, encouraging youth to bring cans of spaghetti and old clothes. Our numbers increased over double.

On the night get all the youth to empty cans of spaghetti into a large barrel or garbage can. Once this has been done divide youth group into four and get them to line up in 4 lines around the bin. Drop 2 jelly beans for every youth member into the barrel and mix it up. (We had around 20+ kg)

Once this has been done explain to the youth that they must rush to the bin one member from each team at a time. Fish out one jelly bean and bring it back to their spot. The next person runs up and gets their’s and so on ands so on. This happens until all youth have fished out their jelly beans.

After this game is completed keep the teams assembled and place a bucket at the end of all of the four teams. The first member of the team will scoop into the barrel and pick up a handful of spaghetti. They will then pass spaghetti onto the next in line and so on until it gets into the bucket. The team with their bucket filled first are the winners. During this our game turned into a huge spaghetti fight which left everyone completely covered. Basically we let the youth run wild and they had a ball.

You can play other games with the spaghetti before you have the spaghetti fight; it just worked this way for us. This is a really high energy night and has been one of our youth group’s most enjoyable evenings.

Spaghetti will go everywhere!
Also note Spaghetti sticks to concrete if left for more than 10 minutes After spaghetti is trampled on it becomes extremely slippery!

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