Scissors, Paper, Stone Race

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This game is great fun in a beach. Divide into 2 teams(any number, preferably 8-15 in each team). Draw a vertical line from one team and then a horizontal one and then a vertical line that will reach the other team.
When game starts, both the first player in each team will run along the lines(they are running along the vertical lines, as if in a race) and then they will turn into the horizontal one where they will meet each other. When they meet each other, they will play scissors, paper, stone. The loser have to run back and the winner will continue along the line. Once the scissors, paper, stone is played and a winner is decided, the team that lost its first player can sent out its second player.

In this case, the second player from the team that lost the first player will rush up to intercept. They will again play scissors, paper, stone when they meet each other. This carries on until the game time is over.

The objective of this game is to get as many players from one team to the other side (the opponent team). This can only be done if you can run fast, as well as being able to win all scissors, paper, stone encounter whenever the opponent intercepts.

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