This game is rather physical and requires a patch of soft grass. Seperate the group into two teams. Mark off the playing area by drawing a rectangle with a line right in across the middle. You can use flour or rope to do this. Each team occupies one half of the rectangle. One player from each team takes turns to enter into the ‘enemy’ territory. He/she has to tag/touch the enemy and run back into his/her territory while saying ‘sa-gu-du-gu-du’ in one breath. The enemy(ies) they touch are then out. If anyone stops to breathe or runs out of breath in enemy territory, they are out. The catch is this, the enemies can catch hold of the ‘intruder’ and stop him/her from going back into his territory. The team that has no one left loses. Due to the physical nature of this game, it’s advisable to play boys against boys and girls against girls. Do drop me an email if the explanation is confusing.

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