This is an awesome game. No cost, just a large playing field and a couple of soccer balls(can use footballs also).
This game is a cross between football, rugby, soccer, and wrestling. It is a game my youth group loves to play when they get an opportunity.
Here are the rules: 1.) Only the girls can score, and only the girls can tackle the guys, but the guys can tackle guys. 2.) The guys can hold onto a girl from running between the goal posts, but may not tackle her. The goal posts are best at 4-6 feet apart. This game is best in a newly snowed on field. put markers to mark the four corners, other than that let them get out there and burn off as much energy as possible. It is amazing to see how long they will want to play this game.
Those are the rules, they can knock out a ball from anyone’s hands take it from them etc. Any other rules you need to make up are fine… have fun with it!

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