Reflector Game

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Ok, this game is very interesting and our youth loved it!
It’s great a larger group. You split the youth into groups of about 8 (Put an even number of girls and guys and also put a leader in each group to keep an eye on the rest of the group). You will need about 4 or 5 people driving in their cars. Give each group a table or 2 chairs. The table or chairs must have reflectors or reflective tape on them. Then you drop all the groups at the same place and about 4-5 Km’s away from your venue. You then tell them that they have to get back to the church with the table or chairs you have given them, without getting spotted by the people in the cars.
This is quite difficult for them because of the reflectors. Each time the people in the cars catch them they must take off a point from that team. Each team can start with say 50 points. Ask the drivers to be kind and let some spottings slide, but they must be fair to everybody!

1. The group must stay together!
2. Not to go too far away from your venue!
3. Must return to venue with the table or chair.
4. Not to make too much noise & not to disturb the neighbours.

The winners can get a prize. Then once everyone has calmed down , have some praise and worship songs. Then whoever does the talk can talk about being reflectors and reflecting God’s love on to other people.

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