My group was on a retreat, but discovered that the kickball, which was the only ball available, was too misshapen to be used for any normal game. This game was the result. It’s perfect for wearing people out, killing time with a large group, or just making the most out of very little equipment.

Numbers: 4 – 4000
Materials: A ball that can be kicked, (a frisbee was used once, but not recomended) A Large Field.

In a large field, mark off a square playing field of appropriate proportions. Divide your players into 4 teams. Each side of the field is the goal line for one team. One player, or if preferred, the referee, stands in the center with the ball. At the signal, the person with the ball boots it into the air as high as possible, in any direction he chooses. Anyone can catch the ball, anyone can run with the ball, and anyone can throw the ball at any time to any of their teammates in any direction as they try to cross their goal line. We played tackle, but this may have been a bad idea. Everyone loved it, but three tacklers to a runner gets rough. The game ends up playing much like football, but with four teams and a few extra rules.
Rule 1: After every successful tackle, the ball goes back to the center to be kicked as high as possible again.
Rule 2: If the ball goes free, aka, a fumble, anyone can pick it up to go in any direction.
Rule 3: The referee can tackle, but only if (s)he feels like it.
My group begs to play this game again every time we go outside. Enjoy!

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