Materials: water bags (bombs) the more, the merrier!


Wet, messy, and lots of fun! Make groups of at least 8-10 individuals. Situate each group within throwing distance from the other groups. With the groups already in place, limit a group’s area by drawing a round border around them, big enough to allow movement among the group members. Instruct the group members never to go beyond their circle no matter what. Each group selects a “queen”, all the others either become the “worker or soldier drones”. The worker drones should protect the queen from getting wet. They may huddle together around the queen to form a protective barrier. Soldier drones are tasked to assault the other groups. Distribute the water bags equally among each group. At your signal, the fight begins. Note: The soldier drones may block incoming water bombs or catch some and hurdle it back to the other groups. When all the water bombs are exhausted, the group’s queen with the driest clothes wins the game.

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