This is event is perfect for groups in cities with a subway system.

Back Story: Nuclear war has broken out and the youth leaders/workers have been driven underground into the subway system to escape radiation poisoning. It is up to the youth to go into the system, find the leaders, and convince them that it is safe to go back above ground. The trick is that you may not recognize them and may have to gain their trust before they go with you.

How to play: Get your leaders/workers to spread out from a central subway station (preferably one at each stop from that point). It is important that your leaders disguise themselves making it harder for the youth to find them. Give your leaders enough time to get to their designated station. Don’t go too far to save on travel time.

Then send the youth out (with a supervisor/leader per group) to search for their wayward leaders. Here’s where it gets interesting.

As I said before. The youth have to convince the leaders that it is safe to return to the surface. Your leaders should have special tasks for the team that finds them to do. Or, the leaders will have little personality traits that the youth must abide with in order to get them on the next train and back to the central gathering point.

For example: The last time we did this we had two leaders dress up as disco aliens. One would go with the group when music was playing and the other would not. The group that found them had to take one at a time, turning the music on and off.

When I was found I told my group I thought there were secret government agents on the platform out to get me and I had them run the entire length of the platform checking every pole and stairwell yelling ‘Clear!!!’.

Teams have a set time period to find as many leaders as possible. They can go into the system as many times as they possible before time is up. The team who retrieves the most leaders wins a sizable prize of goodies and treats afterwards.

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