This event requires a hill, a large excavated area (size depending on size of your group), access to a water hose, a large sheet of 4 mil construction plastic.

The idea is to till up an area at the bottom of a hill. Run the plastic sheeting down the hill ending in the loose dirt. Add water and voila you have a combination slip ‘n slide/mud bowl event.

We divided kids into teams and played games such as tug of war, relays UP the plastic on the hill, anything to get them sliding and their face in the mud! We ended with a time for them to just have fun sliding down the hill, but the wait had been excruciating.

You will need gallons of mineral oil or dish liquid to keep the plastic slippery even with water running on it.

You will need lots of adult supervision to keep kids safe. We found that several five gallon buckets with rags helped when the inevitable mud in the eye thing happened. The last time we did it, I found cheap goggles and passed them out at the beginning. I don’t know how much they helped but it sure made the pictures great!

We’ve had adults wanting to plan their own event after watching the kids. We’ve had another church come and use the pit. Now our Pioneer Clubs are wanting a crack at it. It’ll be a while before I can fill in the pit!

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