One I played as a camper was called “Mud Kickball.” Obviously old clothes are needed, and old shoes or the kids could go without shoes depending on the field. Girls should not wear white or light colors for this game, though if guy wear white t-shirts it’s great because you can really see the level of mud. There is some prep time and make sure you use a space where grass is not so important 😉 Using a regulation style kickball field and base arrangement, each base including home plate must be soaked with water. Not just making it “sloshy” but where there are inches of mud underneath and about 3-4 inches of standing water. Each base becomes a water hole and the bases really kinda float in them.

Split kids into traditional teams. Each player takes a regulation turn standing next to the water hole known as home base. When they get to first base they MUST sit down on the base. Coming into second they must lie down and roll over once through the base. At third base it is a feet-first slide and home is a head-first slide. These actions must be completed in order to be safe. There is some give here in the rules all up to the leader. Like if someone is tagged in the middle of the roll they can still be safe, etc.

You will need staff to continue dumping water on the bases to make sure they are at capacity. It sounds crazy but there is an element of safety with the extra water because if a kid falls there is some cushion by it and not just flat mud to impact upon. The kids LOVE this game and it makes for great pictures and great fun!!!!

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