Lemonade Relay Race

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This is an awesome messy game!

To play you need at least two teams of at least 4 or so people. You also need an empty bucket, a pitcher of water, sugar, and lemon juice for each team.

Have each team line up relay style with the water, sugar, and lemon juice at one end and the bucket at the other. The first person on each team squats down so that another member of his team can pour the lemon juice, sugar, and water into his mouth. Then, the person has to run to the other end and spit their “lemonade” into their bucket and get at the end of line. THe person who just poured now gets to hold their mouth open for the lemonade parts and so on and so on.

The object of the game is to be the team with the most lemonade in the bucket at the end. You can end the game by using a time limit or saying each person has to go so many times. However… the time limit seems to work better because then everyone is running around with more excitement and hurry while gargling lemon juice! As far as strategy goes, the lemon juice should go in their mouths first. This way you see the grossed out face and allows for less time to lose water, which is the main thing that fills the bucket anyway.

Makes for great bulletin board pictures!!

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