Bandanas to mark KGB Agents
Water Gun divided into pieces
Letters W, A, T, E, R written on cards
Word STUN written on 5 cards
Small Carboard boxes
Dodge balls

The pieces of the water gun, the WATER letters and the STUN cards will be put into boxes and sealed. The boxes will then be placed throughout the playing area in realitively easy to spot places. None should be hard to find!!! The cones should be placed in squares to mark Siberia and to mark the Peasant’s home base. The KGB will wear the bandanas and will each have a dodgeball.

The peasants have been surpressed by the KGB for quite sometime and it has been rumored that there is a weapon that can give them the power they need to destroy the KGB once and for all. Pieces of the weapon are scattered across the land in small boxes.

In order to win the peasants must collect these boxes and assemble the weapon. The weapon is powered by Water and the peasants will only have access to the ammunition they need by also collecting the word WATER the letters are also contained in the boxes.

Meanwhile the KGB have also heard of this powerful weapon and will seek to keep the peasants from collecting these parts. KGB agents will attempt to arrest the peasants and send them to Siberia. Agents can do this by tagging the peasants or hitting them with a dodgeball. Once tagged or hit the peasant must report directly to Siberia for orders from the Jailer. Once freed from Siberia the peasant must report to their home base before continuing the game. KGB are allowed to gaurd pieces of the weapon. Any peasant who complains about this or any other aspect of the game will be sent directly to Siberia.

The peasants are not completely helpless against the KGB in the boxes are also 5 STUN cards. When a peasant is tagged or struck by a KGB agent they can choose to give that agent the STUN card causing the Agent to have to report to Siberia and remain there until freed by the Jailer. An agent cannot be stunned unless he or she first tags the peasant.

Once the peasants collect all the weapon pieces assemble and load the weapon the KGB may choose to hide from the peasants in order to avoid getting eliminated. Play continues until time runs out or all the KGB are eliminated.

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