This one is just for kicks. It’s really not so much a game as a practical joke.

My mom gave me this idea. She did it back in the 50’s. It’s great to do around the campfire or for a fall harvest party, and is as much fun as snipe hunting only safer! This is actually a practical joke you play on your group! Okay, it’s a practical joke you and half your group play on the other half.

What you do is have everyone sit in a circle. Then you take every other kid out of the group and go into another room, or around the corner where nobody can see you. You have them all put charcoal on the fingertips of their right hand. Then take them back and have them sit down where they were sitting before.

Then you say, “Okay, we’re going to play Inchy Pinchy. And the way this game works is first everyone is supposed to gently pinch the person’s cheek to your LEFT. (so everyone does, and nothing happens). Then say, “Okay, now we’re going to pinch the person’s cheek to the RIGHT. Every other unsuspecting person gets charcoal on their cheek. It’s hilarious!

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