Recently I was cleaning out some of the old stuff in the youth closet and came across some of the old plastic ducks that are used at fairs. Took these ducks and used them in a game.

This game a variation of freeze tag. The person who is it goes hides the ducks (you could substitute a different object) when they are finished they stand in the middle of the area where the tag game is being played. The other players are at the final base waiting with their eyes closed so they can’t see where the ducks are being hidden. Once the person is it says ready the rest of the youth run looking for a duck.

The duck is a portable base; once they have a duck they cannot be tagged. If a person is tagged before they find a duck they are frozen and someone has to give them their duck in order to unfreeze them. Once a person gives up their duck they need to find a new one. The rest of the youth make help them by pointing out where ducks are hidden. Youth may only hold one duck at a time. Also youth are encouraged to find a new duck once they have given up their old duck. When person finds or receives a duck they must yell out “I’m Quackers”. (Note: A duck should be hidden for each person who is playing. It’s a good idea for another adult to watch where they are hidden.) Once everyone has found a duck, the ducks are no longer protection from being tagged and everyone must run to base (the place where they waited for the ducks to be hid. The last person tagged is it; if no one was tagged then the last person to base is it. (Note: You will always have those who want to be it you might add a random factor to how some one is it if nobody is tagged.

Have fun, and remember you could use teddy bears have the kids say “I’m Unbearable” I just used what I had already.

The main idea behind this game is to teach the youth to work together by finding the ducks, and sharing the ducks with those who are frozen. If at any point in the game the person who is it has three people frozen at the same time then the game is over and the last person tagged is it.

In God’s Grace,

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