My youth group has been playing this game at our summer camp since before time began. It is rather messy, and involves a little preparation, so we save it for this once a year, special occasion. You will need a large outdoor area, four or five inch squares of cheesecloth, a package of rubber bands, and two one-pound bags of flour. Use the cheesecloth squares to create little flour bombs, and wrap the “tails” tightly with the rubber bands. The bombs should be medium sized and tightly packed, so as to be the most effective. The game itself is simple: divide your group into teams of at least six persons, distribute the flour bombs, and order them to disperse around the area. At the blow of a whistle, each team leaves its base and moves toward the other teams. The object is to hit members of the other team, thereby getting them out. The team with the most members standing at the end of the game is the victor. For a group of thirty, you will need approximately 500 bombs. NOTE: all participants must wear a dark colored shirt, so that the flour mark will be clearly visible if they are hit.

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