Make sure the kids wear grungy clothes for this activity!! They will get very messy!! Divide kids into two or more teams. Have the kids come up with a unique name for their team. Teams score points based on coming in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in each event. First place – 1 pt, 2nd – 2 points, 3rd – 3 pts. Lowest score wins.
KETCHUP BRIGAGE – supplies: a gallon of ketchup and an empty bucket for each team.
Kids form a line with ketchup on one end, empty bucket on the other. First kid scoops up a handful of ketchup and passes it onto the next person. Using only their hands, kids fill their bucket with ketchup.
SPAGHETTI GORGE – supplies: bowl of spaghetti for each team. Have kids line up in relay fashion. First kid runs to table and eats 3 mouthfuls of spaghetti without using their hands. Runs back, tags next person. First team to eat whole bowl of spaghetti wins.
SPRAY DOWN – supplies: 3 cans of ginger ale per team. One person from each team comes up front. Another team member shakes up one can of ginger ale then runs to team member and sprays him with ginger ale. Runs back to team, another kid shakes up can, etc. First team to completely soak their team member with ginger ale wins.
SPAM TOSS – just like an egg toss only you use a can of Sspam. Very gross!!
EGG BASEBALL – give each team a dozen eggs and a baseball bat. One kid pitches, the other bats. Team with most hits wins.

I have 3 or 4 more games we did. If you want them, e-mail me (by clicking the name above). This was by far the most popular event we did last year! The kids want this to be a yearly event.

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