We normally do this activity over the Christmas vacation because sometimes this will take a couple of weeks to complete. First you find out how many of your youth group want to play. Each member in the game must have a dart gun, nerf gun or something like that, that shoots. Each member of the group is given one person they are to go after and shoot. This should be kept secret and the youth leader should make sure no two people have each other. Once the shooter shoots his target, the target must give the shooter the slip of paper with the name of his target on it. The shooter then goes after the next target until it is down to the final two people. Rules we have added: You can’t shot at anybody while on church property, at work or at school. You can not enter a person’s house without being invited in by a family member. If the target shoots the shooter before the shooter shoots his target, the shooter is not out of the game, but the shooter must leave the area and can’t go after the target again for at least 5 minutes. The shooter must make an attempt on his/her target at least every three days or they are out of the game. The last one left is the winner and we usually have a prize for the winner. The kids have a hard time keeping it secret who they are after, but it does make it more fun because then they never know who is after them. The kids love the game and we have had some good laughs. We have had kids hid in trees or roofs to try and ambush people. He have had dart gun shoot outs in the mall. One time a kid pulled up beside his target at an intersection, jumped out of his car, opened the passenger side door of his targets car and shot him. We have also played this game on a quicker scale by having a “got ya” night activity at the church, where the whole game is played with the kids hiding in and around the church. Enjoy

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